About Us

TRINITY RUBBER, since its inception known for its quality of products and within a few years became a quality manufacturer for RUBBER COMPONENTS in Indian market.

The company manufactures customer-specific innovative products that reduce or eliminate unwanted vibration and noise having applications in major industry sectors such as Paper Manufacturing Machines, Automotive Industry, General engineering & Machine Builders, Railway Vehicle Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, Power and Cable, Marin Industry and Aircraft Industry. The base for our success is an application-oriented product range, high-quality products as well as dedication to innovation and individual solutions.

TRINITY RUBBER also offers their client a customized manufacturing solutions for the items against imported once client provided samples & critical other information against their specific requirements & drawings.

Today TRINITY RUBBER has global clientele base. The Company has been witnessed continuous growth with the existence of efficient production facilities, process control, quality orientated work flows and reliable service.

Currently, the group has three manufacturing units in and around Vapi. All these units are fully equipped with the state of the art manufacturing faculties and equipped with latest safety measures to manufacture best quality products, import substitutes and large items on time.